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Do you have problems obtaining finance? Maybe you need some extra cash for that family break or to consolidate existing debt.

Well not only do we have the perfect solutions for you but with our unique All-In-One multi function application form you can apply for ALL of the following products from just one form!

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The amount of people we have helped get a loan with a bad credit!

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Comparison of loans are proud to provide cash loans to consumers with adverse or bad credit history.

Whatever your financial situation loans bad credit work for you to help provide the financial solution you need. We are fully aware of the financial difficulties that many people find themselves in, often through no real fault of their own, which is why we set up our business to help you the customer find the right loan for whatever reason.

Being in personal debt or having a bad credit history is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. 

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Once your loan has been approved you could have your money in your bank within 15-min. Once we match your details the money will be transferred to your account. Please note this is subject to your loan being approved*. 


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A bad credit Payday Loans company you can rely on are proudly recognised and adhere to all guidelines of the following organisations:

Payday Loans for people with Bad Credit

At Loans Bad Credit we work tirelessly with a range of reputable lenders to help match your need for a cash loan with their products.  Although bad credit loans are normally charged at a higher interest rate than conventional loans, we still strive to find you the best deal with one of the many lenders that we work with. Of course we are not able to find a suitable loan for all applicants and if this is the case we let you know straight away. - How Can We Help You

Sometimes when you find yourself in a desperate financial situation you may feel that you have exhausted all your options. Take heed that there are still solutions to your problem. If you are in real need of a loan for whatever reason, please make the effort to visit fill out on application. As mentioned we will get back to you very quickly on whether we can provide you with a bad credit personal loan. Rest assured we have a lot of professional experience in securing people with bad credit loans and we will do all we can to help find you the loans. You might be surprised to know that even with bad credit history lenders are still very keen to provide individuals like yourself. The success of our business relies on the success of helping individuals like yourself with a loan. We specialise in providing loans for people with bad credit and most likely have a solution for you. 

Most of the time money lenders would consider people with bad credit as problematic. This is because these lenders are not sure whether the borrowers can successfully repay the amount that is borrowed on time. So if a person is running bad credit then it almost means that he cannot secure a loan anywhere. But, there is hope. Nowadays there are loans bad credit for people with bad credit. Are you wondering how? Let me explain. There are some lenders or lending institutions which are specializing in the area of lending loans to people with bad credit. These loans bad credit can definitely help the people who are running bad credit scores. So in other words it means that you can still fulfill your dreams even if you’re running bad credit scores. It is almost like one more chance in your life in order to make your life happy.

Most of the people who suffer various problems related to bad credit such as bankruptcy, late payments and so on can also be eligible for these loans bad credit without any issue. With this kind of assistance given to those people suffering from various financial problems, it is definitely easy and helpful to repair and organize financial life. This is the reason why, nowadays these loans bad credit have become popular and millions of people who are unfortunately running bad credit because of some bad financial decisions that they have taken in the past, are again improving their lifestyle with a new chance that they have won. If you are looking for a small amount of cash in a short time frame then we can recommend Sameday Payday Loans who source the market to help you find the best payday loans provider. 

So when it comes to loans for people with bad credit, you can use this loans bad credit in order to buy a car, build a house or expand a business or fund a holiday or whatever it may be. And if you’re actually wondering about the processing and documentation for this loans bad credit, let me assure you that it is almost same as any other process and it is faster too. You don’t need to wait for ages in order to get your funds sanctioned. All you need to do is fill out an application form and fulfill some criteria and that’s it. You will quickly get a response from loans bad credit. So if you have been losing sleep since long and constantly been worrying about how to change your financial situation then you can completely gain some relief. Now, with the help of these loans bad credit you can completely come out of the financial crisis and start life again in a better way. This time make sure that all financial decisions will improve your lifestyle in a better way. Isn’t it great to get one more golden chance in your life in the form of loans bad credit?

Do not let your cash problems develop into an even bigger burden make an application right now today., helping people like you everyday.


The scale on the loan calculator above is only a representative example. Interest changes depending on Individual Credit Profile.

Payday Loans are from 360% APR and range from £50 - £1000 and are not represented in the above slider.

*Please note that having money in your account within 15 minutes only applies to people who are approved for a payday loan and depends on a variety of factors including, but not restricted to, the time of day you apply for a loan and the lender who provides you with a loan. Assuming that you are approved for another type of loan, the money may take longer to reach your bank account.

Loan amounts are based on your credit history profile and ability to repay loan. Not everyone may qualify for a maximum loan. This slider is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to represent the exact funds that will be deposited into your account. Funds will be sent to your account within 1 hour, if approved between 00:00 and 22:00. If your bank does not support Faster Payments, funds will only be deposited the same day, if approved by 14:30. Loans Bad Credit performs traditional credit checks with your permission, while still accepting those with a Poor Credit Profile. Loans Bad Credit verifies applicant information via various national databases. Approval may take up to 24 hours in most cases. Customers with credit difficulties should seek credit counselling or look at other Debt Management options. Your approval is pending completion of fraud checks.

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